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Heroism in the Midst of War

Rahma Worldwide
  • June 9, 2024

During a visit by the Ministry of Health’s 11th Medical Mission team to Nasser Hospital in Gaza, the team was met with a sudden influx of a large number of wounded as a result of the recent targeting of the Nuseirat refugee camp. Without any delay, the team headed directly to the emergency rooms, where they began providing the necessary emergency medical treatment, including first aid and life-saving surgical interventions, in scenes that broke our hearts and showed the greatness of their humanitarian message.
We at Rahma Worldwide feel the deepest sadness and pain for the loss of these innocent lives, and we wish a speedy recovery to the wounded and assure you that our medical teams will continue to work with all their might to provide the best possible care for the injured, and we will work with all our efforts and with your help to provide everything they need to provide medical care and alleviate their suffering.

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