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Donation Questions

General Donation Questions

For one-time donations: You will receive a mailed receipt within 3-4 weeks from the date of your gift.
Online donations: An email confirmation will be sent within the hour, and a printed copy will be mailed within 3-4 weeks.
Field Partner Program: You’ll automatically receive your total annual contribution at the end of each fiscal year.
Contribution of Stock: If you provided your gift without contact information, please email details to info@rahmaww.org
for proper documentation.
If you haven’t received your receipt within the specified time frames, contact our Donor Services team at info@rahmaww.org

It may take up to four weeks for your recipient(s) to receive a mailed notification. For inquiries or delayed notifications, email info@rahmaww.org.

Our Federal Identification Number (EIN) is (Tax ID 47-1304361)

To update credit card information or change payment methods, contact our Donor Services team at +1 248 5663111

Change your recurring donation amount by completing the Update Your Pledge form, calling +1 248 5663111, or emailing info@rahmaww.org.

To update, suspend, or cancel your pledge, complete the Update Your Pledge form, call +1 248 5663111, or email  info@rahmaww.org.

Adjust your mailing preferences through the Contact Preference form online, call +1 248 5663111, or email your details to info@rahmaww.org.

You can send us an Email: info@rahmaww.org

Call us at Phone :(248) 566 3111

Viste us Adress :31333 Southfield Rd. STE 100 Beverly Hills, MI 48025

For further assistance, visit our Contact Us page or call Donor Services at +1 248 5663111.

Rahma Worldwide respects your privacy and does not sell or rent your information. Some information may be exchanged with select non-profits under confidentiality agreements. To adjust preferences, contact Donor Services at info@rahmaww.org.

Rahma Worldwide prioritizes the safety of its supporters and does not verify employment due to security reasons. If you encounter such requests, avoid responding and report them to info@rahmaww.org.

Your commitment to Rahma Worldwide is appreciated, and these FAQs aim to assist you effectively. Thank you for your ongoing support in our humanitarian efforts.