Rahma Worldwide

A Cautionary Note

Beware of Scams Mentioning
Rahma Worldwide

It has come to our attention that scammers may attempt to deceive individuals by falsely claiming to be associated with Rahma Worldwide. Please be vigilant and exercise caution if someone posing as a Rahma Worldwide representative reaches out to you, especially if they request money or personal information.

For your security and the integrity of our mission, Rahma Worldwide does not ask individual representatives to personally solicit funds for medical procedures or any other assistance on behalf of our beneficiaries. Our organization covers all travel, accommodation, and related expenses for our staff involved in humanitarian efforts. Payroll or stipend checks are not sent in US dollars to our aid workers abroad, and we do not depend on external assistance for emergencies or other situations.

To ensure transparency and combat fraudulent activities, we want to clarify that we do not publicly disclose the employment status of individual staff members for security reasons.

Here are some reported scams that have been brought to our attention:


    • Email Scams: Scammers posing as Rahma Worldwide staff may send emails requesting reimbursements for donations, mentioning actual staff names to appear credible.

    • Fake Websites: Fraudulent individuals may create fake websites mimicking Rahma Worldwide to commit online fraud.

    • Medical Procedure Scams: Scammers may pretend to be Rahma Worldwide representatives, seeking money for fictitious medical procedures for non-existent beneficiaries.

    • Detention Scams: Scammers posing as our staff might falsely claim to have been detained, soliciting money for release.

If you encounter any suspicious activity or have concerns, please contact us directly at

You can send us an Email: info@rahmaww.org

Call us at Phone :(248) 566 3111

Viste us Adress :31333 Southfield Rd. STE 100 Beverly Hills, MI 48025

For further assistance, visit our Contact Us page or call Donor Services at +1 248 5663111.

For safe and secure donations to Rahma Worldwide, we recommend using the official donation form on our website.

Your diligence helps protect the integrity of our mission and ensures that your support reaches those who need it most. Thank you for your understanding and continued commitment to Rahma Worldwide humanitarian efforts.