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Significant Damage in Refugee Camps

Rahma Worldwide
  • January 19, 2024

Refugees in camps in Northern Lebanon are enduring an indescribable tragedy. Their tents have become fragile shelters unable to protect them from heavy rain and harsh winter storms. Their children face the extreme colds without proper protection, and their suffering multiplies day by day.

We share snapshots from our team’s visit to one of the camps heavily affected by these storms.


يعيش اللاجئون في مخيمات شمال لبنان مأساة لا توصف، فخيامهم أصبحت مأوىً هشًا يعجز عن حمايتهم من هطول الأمطار الغزيرة والعواصف الشتوية القاسية. أطفالهم يواجهون قسوة البرد دون حماية، معاناتهم تتضاعف يومًا بعد يوم.

نشارككم لقطات من زيارة فريقنا لأحد المخيمات التي تضررت بشكل كبير من هذه العواصف.

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2 Replies to “Significant Damage in Refugee Camps”

Suleiman hijazi
26 Jan 2024

I please for help to get my wounded sister from Rafah to Egypt , I live in San Leandro,Ca United States, I’m willing to sponsor her and save her from the misery she in in Gaza

Rahma Worldwide
01 Feb 2024

Unfortunately we are not able to help.
Stay safe, you and your family


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