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Omar’s Story of Hope Transcending War

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  • January 17, 2024
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Imagine a child, barely four years old, amidst the wreckage of war. His eyes filled with fear, his small body marked by wounds and pain in his hands, feet, and his tiny face suffering from burns. He clings to a blood-stained doll, while around him, his family and five-year-old sister lie motionless.

This child, who should be playing under the sunlight, is named Omar. He is the child whose innocence and beautiful smile war has stolen in Gaza.

Today, through Rahma’s efforts and in collaboration with the Global Medical Relief Fund Organization, we rewrite Omar’s story. We transport him across borders to the Shriners Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, where he can reclaim a future free from pain, and filled with hope.

His story of healing and resilience must reach the hearts of the world. Share it to change another child’s life from Gaza and beyond, and give them a chance to laugh again.

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One Reply to “Omar’s Story of Hope Transcending War”

Baachiila Xxisaiish
15 Feb 2024

Thank you all for the great things that you do. Continued prayers for Omar and all the other children in Gaza…..mercy, healing and protection. May Aakbaadatia continue to shine down his favor on your good works.


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