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Gaza Emergency Response Campaign

Rahma Worldwide
  • October 9, 2023

With the ongoing escalation and blockade, over two million people in the Gaza Strip are enduring extremely challenging humanitarian conditions. They urgently and desperately need relief and humanitarian support as the health sector collapses, medications and supplies are lost, and there is a shortage of water and fuel. Our emergency response campaign continues, and with your support, we can reach a larger number of those affected and devastated by this violence. Join us in lifting the sorrow and suffering from thousands of children and families, extending a helping hand and providing hope to them.

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2 Replies to “Gaza Emergency Response Campaign”

Renad naim
26 Jan 2024

Dear all please help me to relese my DAD from gaza my DAD is 80 years old and he got a brain stroke please help i appeal your humanity to help him, just help me to relese him

Rahma Worldwide
01 Feb 2024

Unfortunately we are not able to help.
Stay safe, you and your family


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