Who We Are

We take seriously the responsibility to care for the needy with donations from individuals, government, and major multi-faith organizations (Christian, Jewish, and others) around the globe in support of distress individuals, education, humanitarian work and relief efforts locally in the USA, and throughout the world.

Dr. Shadi Zaza 

Letter from the CEO

Dear Generous Donors,

Thank you for visiting Rahma Worldwide’s official website!

On behalf of Rahma Worldwide’s board of directors, I am filled with gratitude as we have your continued support. Our dedicated donors and staff have done an incredible job supporting our outreach aid and development while strengthening our programs and services. We hope you will become a supporter of our worthy projects.
On the ground, our response to the crisis in Yemen has seen more and more resources directed toward the aid and relief efforts therein. Your unyielding support will enable our mission to assist our brothers and sisters during this difficult time. I would also like to extend my appreciation to our dedicated staff members who are working in extraordinary risk and circumstances and to fulfill our mission and bring sanctuary to those in need.
Since the establishment of Rahma Worldwide , we have touched more than 3.5 million lives, whether through humanitarian impacts such as food, water, and medicine, or development programs such as training, educating, and building families. Our goal of increasing the number of beneficiaries in the fields, and you truly make this possible!
Rahma Worldwide is stronger than ever due to our continually expanding community who comes together to donate time, resources, and talent in support of our important mission. Our network of volunteers expanded on the ground in many countries, especially in areas of crisis such as Yemen and Syria, and where refugees resettle such as Jordan, Lebanon, and the USA. This year, Rahma Worldwide is adding more USA programs to support displaced refugees. We will remain on course to ease the pain and suffering of all people regardless of religion, background, gender, or nationality.
Your support is needed now more than ever, as areas of crisis deteriorate tragically with every passing day, however, we believe that hope forever grows and communities will rise again after the fall and YOU can make a difference in people’s lives. 
Dr. Shadi Zaza



A world in where every community is provided the
opportunity to be more efficient,and sustainable.


Dedication to humanity by assisting the most vulnerable
communities by responding to crisis, implementing programs to achieve
social equity; create development strategies, and facilitate self-
sufficient sustainability.


Rahma Worldwide (RW), formerly known as Rahma Relief Foundation (RRF) has been formed solely for chaaritable, human services, humanitarian aid, educational, scientific purposes, and individual development under Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or comparable segment of any future federal tax code. 


Founded in Michigan by Dr. Shadi Zaza and a group of concerned citizens who shared the same passion to help vulnerable people in crisis-afflicted countries around the world. With just a $200 deposit, Dr. Shadi Zaza opened a bank account and turned that $200 into this amazing charity that assists individuals and families around the world and at home in the USA. With faith, good intention, and transparency to aid vulnerable people, the organization’s core values, and mission have grown stronger.


Rahma Worldwide started to expand to cover more geographical areas and serve more people in Syria and Lebanon. Rahma Worldwide relies on a network of leaders and local communities that aid us in covering wide areas of the Syrian Lands, which has formed our strong relief leadership to assist and provide support in all global regions.


RW opened its Turkey office to better oversee the logistical and functional aspects of the relief delivered in the area and be closer to our relief efforts in Northern Syria. With the increased number of refugees who fled to Lebanon, Rahma Worldwide expanded work in Lebanon with an operational office in Northern Lebanon, all while headquartered in the United States. Our expansion did not stop there, but more operations took place in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Greece to help the needy and the displaced. 


The United Nations sounded the alarms for the Yemen crisis. This alarm, being in line with our mission, Rahma Worldwide answered the call and opened an operational office in Yemen.


Rahma opened a Jordan with an objective to implement large development projects that will have a lasting sustainable impact on local communities and refugees from crisis-afflicted areas and achieve maximum social and economic integration between the refugees and the host country regardless of an individual’s race, ethnicity, religion or gender.


RW successfully opened its operational office in the Gaza Strip and immediately started providing services and basic necessities to needy families such as Pediatric and ICU Care Units, Medical Supplies, Food & Vegetable Baskets, Bread Bakeries and many more. 


So, within 6 years of launching, Rahma Worldwide was able to expand its humanitarian aid to many different countries such as Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Greece, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, and Bangladesh, which was made possible through diverse teams and local partners. 

Worldwide contribution of humanitarian aid expanded our horizons, knowledge, and understanding of the refugee’s challenges have led us to build an experienced team of volunteers and employees who are committed to serving and helping the less fortunate, especially Internally Displaced People’s (IDPs) and refugees, while following the United Nation’s humanitarian principals during the implementation of any aid programs. We have had success and will continue to expand our efforts aboard and in the US. 


RW Today

RW is specifically concerned, but not exclusively, with the following:

  • Ensure all IDP’s and refugees have basic needs and the opportunity to improve their lives
  • Act as a community resource to move individuals from distress to self-sustainable neighbors in their communities, especially in the US
  • Provide individual and community development to uplift all individuals that may seek help
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other organizations having similar objectives

One major goal is to implement sustainable specific programs and partnership with local organizations to support our global and USA efforts to better the living conditions of individuals, refugees, and our neighbors.

Core Values


Dedicating ourselves to improving the lives of those we serve and to treating each other with care and respect.


Conducting ourselves with openness in all aspects of our work. We are open to discussion and to improving how we work to reflect our values.


Fulfilling our promises through behavior that reflects our honesty, responsibility, and fairness. We are committed to doing what is right for our beneficiaries.


We strive to prevent and alleviate human suffering and promote mutual understanding, cooperation and respect for the human being.

Financial and Annual Reports

You can view our annual reports from 2017, 2016 and 2015 in the Links Below!

2017 annual report

2016 annual report

2015 annual report

independent auditor’s

2021 annual report

2020 annual report

2018-2019 annual report

Our Board

Congressman Andy Levin pictured with our Board of Directors during our open-house.
From Left: Hunayda Asbahi , Dr. Shadi Zaza, Congressman Levin, Adib Chouiki, Ahmad Halabi, Esam Tinawi, Rama Hussein

Dr. Yahya Basha
Chairman of the Board

Adib Chouiki
Vice President

Belal Basatna
Area Manager, Turkey

Esam Tinawi
Area Manager, Lebanon

Hunayda Asbahi
Board Member

Meryem Goba

Darren Fenwick
Board Member

Executive Directors

Ahmad Halabi
Executive Director, US Headquarters

Michael Thomas
Senior Advisor, US Headquarters

…Some of Our Volunteers

We are grateful to have a team of volunteers from across the world from various Rahma locations such as the United States, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Gaza Strip and many more who make our efforts possible and successful.
You can sign up below if you would like to volunteer with us. We are
always looking for help.

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