COVID-19 Relief Campaign-Southeastern Michigan

While our overseas members are helping displaced families in Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, Yemen and Jordan, Our team at Rahma Worldwide’s headquarters location in Detroit partnered with Dearborn and Detroit Police Departments as well as many community centers and distributed Food Baskets, food meals and masks to needy families and our front line and healthcare heroes in the Detroit Metro Area in the United States.

Refugee Assistance

In response to the influx of refugees issued for resettlement in the United States, our team in the US knew that we needed to aid those who have fled for their basic safety. This is the first time our humanitarian services are distributed in the US. Our main concern is aiding families in finding places to live, school districts, jobs, paperwork, insurance, etc… the list is always growing. Our aim is to create independent individuals after the first obstacles are taken care of and their assimilation to another country does not seem too overwhelming. We held community events for the refugees to meet their neighbors and feel more integrated and more welcome on their new homeland.

Container Shipments

Every Season for each year, we run multiple clothing drives as well as various drives for items & supplies to load onto multiple shipping containers that usually are headed towards Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. Our Container shipments contain medical supplies for Hospitals, winter and clothing supplies as well as housing supplies for displaced refugees forced out of their homes.

At the end of 2018. we have run a successful shipment container & funding campaign in response to the Crisis in Yemen which we ran throughout the Detroit Area in which communities throughout the Area donated clothing. supplies as well as monetary donations to help displaced refugees in the Hudaydah & Marib Areas in Yemen.

In 2020

Rahma Worldwide intends to do more in Wayne and Oakland counties to better support individuals in the community with Job Training, Educational, and Business opportunity projects. This year during the Covid19 Pandemic we have launched a response campaign in Michigan where we distributed food baskets to needy families in the area.



Ramadan Meals in 2018

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Containers Shipped in 2018

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Shipment Container Numbers By Year

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Little Gandhi – The Lost Truth of The Syrian Uprising

Little Gandhi is a must-see award-winning film on the Syrian Uprising. Co-sponsored with the help of the Rahma Worldwide, Director Sam Kadi, made this film by recruiting Syrian activists who risked their lives to help arrange and film the interviews after being trained on basic filmmaking techniques via Skype. Director Kadi also used Skype to direct the entire shoot inside Syria. It took over six months to smuggle the film files out of Syria on small thumb drives. Remarkably, it became Syria’s first-ever official submission for Foreign Language Film competition for the 90th Academy Awards.
This 91-minute documentary film is powerful because it follows the life of Syrian peace activist Ghiyath Matar, who had become internationally known as “Little Gandhi” for his initiative of facing down violent government security forces with flowers and bottles of water. Ghiyath Matar was brutal torture and died at 26 years old which outraged the international community. This is a must-see documentary film!

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