Rahma’s Projects in Jordan

Ramadan Food Baskets

RW did hold a Ramadan Kitchen in Amman during 2018 for 1200 beneficiaries. We have distributed 300 food baskets in Amman, Madaba, and Jerash during Ramadan 2019. We distributed 200 food baskets in Jerash during Ramadan 2020.

Handicraft & Household Programs for Syrian Women

Soap Production Workshops

Soap Production Workshops:

RW was held workshops for Soap and natural products manufacture for 12 Syrian women during 2018, we aim to empower women.

First Aid Plumbing Course for women in Jordan

RW was held a vocational training course in plumbing for 15 Syrian women in Amman during 2018, and for 30 Jordanian and Syrian women in Amman and Irbid during 2020 , while those women have been trained as trainers in order to enable them train others and fix plumbing problems for customers who need help.

Plumbing Course Program

Programs for People with Disabilities

Robotics Program

Robotics Program

RW was held workshop in Robot programming
for 24 children with hearing disabilities in Irbid
during 2018

Sign Language Program

RW was held sign language training course for 24 employees in hospitals in Amman during 2018.

Visual Communication For Hearing Impaired

Under the umbrella Ministry of Health and In cooperation with Orange, RW implemented this project during 2020 aims to improve the access of hearing impaired people to health services inside Jordan by enabling its workers to communicate with deaf auditors by providing sign language at 24 sites that provide health service to citizens, First site was Handing over a tablet to Al-Bashir Hospital.

Sign Language & Visual Program for Hearing Impaired

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