Rahma Worldwide – One of the Top Charities In The US

Refugee Assistance & Creating Opportunities

Since its founding in 2014, Rahma Worldwide has become one of the Top Non Profit Organizations In The US. We have held many programs and projects in its headquarter location in Detroit, from partnering with Mental Health America’s Southeastern Michigan Chapter to help those struggling with mental health, to first aid courses, food assistance, and container shipments sent overseas. This commitment and level of service has made us one of the best charities in America.

We are one of the recognized charities for children’s education as some of our programs aim to provide training to improve cognitive skills as well as employment skills and women’s education. Along with hygienic practices and advance care skills development.

Currently, in Southeastern Michigan, we are undertaking the task of aiding more than 500 families in finding places to live, finding supportive school districts , jobs, insurance etc… the list is always growing

We are also working with other top charities in the US to implement a vocational training program such as Sewing and plumbing as we encounter a high rate of non-English speakers, who arrived from countries with high poverty rates with some displaying virtually no hope for a reasonably happy future. Due to current national rhetoric, their attitudes are shifting to hopelessness. They came to the United States seeking a better life, hoping the first steps toward that dream would be learning our language, and culture to secure, meaningful employment so they could take their place along with other hard-working Americans.

Most refugees do not want to continually ask for assistance or aid from agencies but want to stand on their own feet! Doing worthwhile work like plumbing, learning to sow, or own their own business in landscaping, truck driving, food etc… is good motivator along with helping individuals contribute to the household, which helps refugees better to assimilate into the United States and their communities. Because of the support that we lend, Rahma Worldwide has earned the reputation of being the best charity for Refugees in the US.

COVID-19 Response Campaign

Food Basket Distribution

While our overseas members are helping displaced families in Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, Yemen and Jordan, Our team at Rahma Worldwide’s headquarters location in Detroit launched the Covid-19 Response Campaign throughout the Area. They began by preparing and distributing food baskets to needy families. You can also be a part of Rahmaww, the best charity for Syria, Yemen & Gaza by supporting us with these activities.

Healthcare Workers Appreciation

Rahma Worldwide partnered with Dearborn and Detroit Police Departments as well as many community centers and distributed Food Baskets, food meals and masks to needy families and our front line and healthcare heroes in the Detroit Metro Area in the United States.

Mental Health & Wellness

Rahma Worldwide partnered with Mental Health America and with other top charities in the US to improve the quality and availability of mental health resources and services for people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including immigrants, refugees, and members of Southeastern Michigan communities. Addressing issues of language, culture, religion and other aspects of cultural diversity can promote greater equity in mental health care.  RW and MHA holds a monthly seminar featuring mental health professionals and cover a variety of topics that affect mental health in the country. You can visit the Mental Health & Wellness Page for More Info

Basic Life Support / First Aid / AED Training

First Aid Training

We train doctors, nurses, medical personnel, police, firefighters, EMTs, students and anyone who wants to save lives!

AHA Cards will be issued within 24-48 hours after the completion of the course.

Due to recent global events and the safety of our students and instructors, all CPR students will be subject to temperature checks. All students must wear a face mask (no exception) and utilize hand sanitizer prior to the start of every class.

American Heart Association trained CPR instructors teach Basic Life Support (BLS), Heartsaver and First Aid Skills needed for emergency level care of adults, children and infants.

Container Shipments

Every Season for each year, we run multiple clothing drives as well as various drives for items & supplies to load onto multiple shipping containers that usually are headed towards Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. Our Container shipments contain medical supplies for Hospitals, winter and clothing supplies as well as housing supplies for displaced refugees forced out of their homes.

At the end of 2018 we have run a successful shipment container & funding campaign in response to the Crisis in Yemen. Thus, we established ourselves as one of the best Charity For Yemen. We donated clothing, supplies as well as monetary donations to help displaced refugees in the Hudaydah & Marib Areas in Yemen

In 2020

Rahma Worldwide planned to do more in Wayne and Oakland counties to better support individuals in the community with Job Training, Educational, and Business opportunity projects. In 2020 during the Covid19 Pandemic we have launched a response campaign in Michigan where we distributed food baskets to needy families in the area. All these efforts have ranked us among the best charities in America that support the development of displaced people in the US.

72 Containers

Shipped Since 2018

72 Containers filled with life supplies shipped to crisis locations

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