A Letter to Latter-Day Saints

Sweets for Syrian Children- 2020

Preparing Sweets for Syrian Children- 2021

Dear Respected Latter-Day Saints,

My name is Abdul Razaq, from Kadado Family. We owned a 3 sweet shops in the heart of Damascus Syria since 1970s. We made sweet, bread, cakes and other kinds. Our business was very successful selling locally and other cities. We were making above average income and living very comfortably, until the civil unrest started in 2011.

Like many other industries, we started losing business, and within few months we had to close all our operations, letting go all of our 50 employees, and then we shut down everything and started living on savings. As the crisis became greater, we suffered, pain become worst, and one of my brother “disappeared” which we hope he’s still alive. Others loved ones arrested and killed.

Our district was unsafe and my family had to relocate to different areas, and one was Ghouta in the eastern side of Damascus. Soon the district was blocked off, and Ghouta was under siege. Food became scarce and we were hungry during the many months in the besieged Ghouta, many children including ours became malnourished and adults were always on the look for where the next meal is coming from. Even the richest person was not able to buy anything because there was no food.

Word spread around that Rahma Relief and LDS Church starting a soup kitchen nearby, and we finally were glad to be able to get real food in long time. The rations were barely enough to feed my hungry family, but that’s all we had and it kept us alive. We were lucky to get daily hot food, and baby milk for the children, something many families only dream of. For more than two months in 2016, we managed to get food from Rahma –LDS kitchen. Without it we would starve to death.

We also learned the LDS Church helped many people around the country and the world with food, shelter and medicine, and for that we are very grateful for their compassion.

After Ghouta we were evacuated with nothing but the cloths we had. After long displacement, we managed to make our way to Turkey, and settled in Istanbul, and decided to rebuild our lives and business from zero. In 2020, we opened a Real Taste Sweets and grew rapidly, and people loved the great taste. My brother decided to open another shop in Amman, Jordan, and my shop in Istanbul is operating on large scale again, serving local and international clients, including the USA.

By coincidence, we met Dr. Chadi during his last trip to Turkey and thanked him for his organization’s efforts and making a different in many people’s lives, and we wanted to thank you too for funding a project that literally saved our lives. We are sure many grateful families in many countries feel your help. Please accept this small sweet sample from my shop as a small token of thanks and appreciation I ask God the almighty to bless you wherever you go, and in everything you do.


Abdul Razaq Kadado and Family

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