MHA welcomes Rahma Worldwide to its National Affiliate Network

Dec. 5 2020

Mental Health America (MHA) is pleased to announce the affiliation of Rahma Worldwide.

Based in Beverly Hills, Michigan, Rahma Worldwide addresses widespread poverty and vulnerability among refugees and vulnerable populations worldwide, focusing on delivering emergency and humanitarian assistance. Rahma Worldwide’s main priorities include incorporating sustainable specific programs and partnering with local organizations to support their global and US efforts to improve the living conditions of individuals, refugees, and the community at large.

“We’re so excited to have Rahma Worldwide join MHA as our newest affiliate,” said MHA President and CEO Paul Gionfriddo. “They have done such great work in the areas of environmental health, child well-being, education, and emergency relief. To have them join this work to the overall mental health of their constituent populations will be a strong example of the increased effort we all must make to ensure that mental health supports are integrated into all our public health and human services activities.” “Rahma Worldwide is very honored and pleased to become an affiliate of MHA, said Dr. Shadi Zaza, CEO of Rahma Worldwide. “MHA has served many communities with their leadership and services on mental health matters. Rahma Worldwide plans to work closely with MHA and other affiliates to bring MHA’s  proven evidence-based programs to the citizens of Oakland and Wayne County, Michigan”. Dr. Zaza added that “addressing mental wellness with the support of MHA will enhance the well-being of our communities.”

Amid the pandemic, Rahma Worldwide has provided PPE to first responders, organized clothing drives, and improved access to nutritious food for community residents to help achieve food security in Oakland and Wayne counties. Rahma has recently purchased a two- story building to expand its humanitarian activities and its capacity to provide mental health services and medication assistance. Rahma Worldwide plans to provide mental health services for disadvantaged populations in Oakland and Wayne counties. Rahma also looks forward to offering MHA Screening and adding other MHA programs.

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