Rahma Worldwide is proud to present our Protection Program which includes the Women Development Campaign that has been established in partnership with Basamat For Development. This campaign is extremely important because it displays the progress and future direction Rahma is headed.
This is the first step in the direction our organization is pleased to take. It is a three-month campaign in partnership with Basamat For Development in Idlib, Syria. The skills that were taught to women during this campaign will better their chances of future employment. To aid them in attaining significant skills they can put to use during this time of humanitarian crisis as well as after. The women were offered courses in tailoring, English, physical therapy, computer training, reading, writing, hairdressing, makeup, etc.
Our hope in partnering with other organizations is to be able to instruct and teach missed skills and opportunities to individuals affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis. This is a big step in a better direction.

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