Non-Food Items

With the ongoing crisis in Syria as well as the worst humanitarian crisis in  Yemen, many people have lost their belongings or left them behind. It is mostly impossible for them to buy their basic daily life needs. Our Container Shipment, Clothing, and basic supplies programs are the backbone and foundation that Rahma Worldwide was built upon. We send regular monthly containers full of vital aid to those in need in Syria and Lebanon. These containers hold a lot of everyday items that we easily take for granted. People in Syria highly depend on aid like this to help them survive through cold, hot, and dry weather. These containers consist of food, clothing, hygiene packs, blankets, bedding, furniture, small appliances, etc. These gifts in kind (GIK) are typically collected from all over the United States. However, we have also received containers from Germany, Sweden, and Qatar Red Crescent.

Our team members in Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria spend tremendous efforts and time in organizing and distributing the GIK to those in need. The GIK is stored in Rahma mobile and stationary warehouses. Our team members pass out coupons to individuals depending on their family size and makeup. They “shop” around the container and redeem their coupons for items they are in need of.




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