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Rahma Worldwide launched an educational campaign for refugees and displaced children we want you to be part of it!

Rahma Worldwide, one of the leading charities for children’s education, started its educational programs in Yemen back in 2016, During 2019 and 2020, the programs varied between:

  • School restoration with a budget of 29,500 USD was possible with the support of many individuals and the top non-profit organizations in the US. Those schools welcomed 4,500 students
  • White board distribution to 500 classrooms with a budget of 4,500 UDS
  • In addition to the Nutrition and School Supplies programs that benefited more than 10,000 students

Today, we launch the “Teach Me, So I Can Be” campaign for the sixths consecutive year. Join us in the journey.




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Our nonprofit located in Michigan was able to provide schooling for many young children. They had lost the chance to study in their country because of the unfavorable conditions prevailing where they live. We have earned a place among the best charities for children’s education since our team has given a second chance for these children to realize their dreams of achieving something in life. We understood their needs and provided them with all the facilities to make them feel comfortable during the learning process. You can also be a part of our endeavor by choosing to sponsor an orphan and help with the education.

Rahma Worldwide worked with other charities for children’s education to renovate a school in Yemen. It was done with the aim to facilitate a smooth learning experience. We did not want the children to face any difficulty in acquiring the education that they require.

We also established an educational center in Turkey that provides education in Arabic and Turkish languages. The students gain a lot of exposure as we have formal and non-formal courses like sports and arts. It ensures that the students excel in academics and also develop extra-curricular skills as well. Our team’s commitment in proving the highest-quality education has ranked us among the best charities for children’s education. Rahma Worldwide will need your support to touch the lives of children in war-affected and politically unstable countries. Give us a helping hand today!

Join us to Inspire, Enable, Celebrate and Educate

For only 63¢ a day, we all should participate!

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