Our Work

These are a few of our most recent programs. Each and every year, we carry out more than 1000 programs across various countries,  involving people of every age, interest and need.

Seasonal Campaigns

We Run various campaigns for each season and religious holidays and events such as Winter warming campaigns for refugees, Udhiya, Ramadan and Zakaat Campaigns and more.

Back to School Campaign

Rahma Worldwide have begun a new project in Yemen, titled the “Back to School Campaign”. Rahma began preparation for distribution of school bags to thousands of students throughout Yemen.

Udhiya Campaign

We aim to reach more people in different places of the world;Syria, Lebanon, Gaza Strip, Yemen, Iraq, Turkey, and West Africa. 
We invite you to share the joys of Eid by donating your meat today.

Ramadan Campaign

The Prophet & Messenger of God
Ramadan has came, a month of blessing, in which God covers you with blessing, for He sends down mercy, decreases sins and answers prayers.

Warm the Children

As the winter months approach, our Warm the Children Campaign is our highest priority so we are able to receive our winter-kit resources and have them sent to the families in time.

Zakat For the needy

Your ZAKAT is powerful. We use it as a vehicle for social change. Our life’s work has been to channel the spirit of zakat into a global vision for giving. Rest assured that our resources are here to help you give your zakat

Refugee Assistance

in response to the influx of refugees issued for resettlement in the United States, our RRF team in the US knew that we needed to aid those who have fled for their basic safety.

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