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Yemenis To Face The Worst Food Crisis

Yemenis Face Worst Food Crisis
The Yemeni People are unsure about their next meal. Three out of four Yemenis must depend on relief assistance in 2022 to meet their ends. Many humanitarian agencies stopped working in Yemen, and the existing funds are drying up, putting the Yemenis in a devastated state. However, many welfare communities…

The Syria Crisis Explained In Numbers

The Syria Crisis Explained In Numbers
11 Years have passed since the crisis in Syria Began. However, the Syrian people seem to have no end to the decade-long unrest and instability. About 13 million people have lost their livelihood since the crisis began. Reports suggest that nearly 6.6 million have sought refuge in neighboring countries. Humanitarian…

Challenges To Humanitarian Organizations In Syria

Humanitarian Organizations In Syria
The United Nations, along with other Humanitarian organizations, say the crisis in Syria is worsening. This comes especially when the country is already going through a dire situation. The poses challenges to Humanitarian organizations in Syria and are piling up. Even the relief measures are inadequate. Rahma World Wide, the…

The Alarming Water Crisis In Gaza

Palestine, USA
Water Crisis In Gaza
Gaza suffers from a constant water shortage during the summer. The majority of its sources are contaminated and polluted. Around 2 million citizens are left with no clean water for drinking and bathing. Rahma WorldWide, the best charity for Gaza is doing everything it can to provide relief for the…

Rising Fuel & Food Prices Pushing Yemenis Into Extreme Poverty

Yemenis Into Extreme Poverty
The United Nations Food Programme (UNFP) voiced its concerns over the Yemenis’ dire situation. The problem has been attributed to the surging fuel & food prices. In addition, the depreciating value of their currency is pushing Yemenis into extreme poverty. But with your help and generous contribution, some people may…

Indications Of The Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza
A human rights organization recently published its observations about the state of Gazan residents due to the endless Israeli blockade on the Gaza strip. It has led the international community to condemn the unlawful blockade over the coastal region. The report found some indications of the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza.…

Rising Conflicts Worsen Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen

Rising Conflicts Worsen Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen
Conflicts are rising in Yemen, especially in Marib. Local reports suggest the population was not even half a million. However, it has now surged to three million because of internal disputes. So, rising conflicts have worsened the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. You can be a vital part of Rahma Worldwide’s…

Endless Cold Waves In Syria

Syria, USA
Endless cold waves
As many as 2.8 million Syrians would have a difficult time staying warm. The country has already seen three endless cold waves with temperatures plummeting below zero degrees celsius. Rahma Worldwide, one of the top non profit organizations in the US, is currently responding on the ground in Gaza since…

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