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Restoring Water Networks in Gaza

Our people face great difficulties and financial costs in order to fill up water necessary for them through tankers. Rahma Worldwide works to restore water networks in Gaza following the destruction that occurred during the most recent war.

Self Care Course in Lebanon

Humanitarian workers face several forms of stress and anxiety, due to their exposure to severely bad humanitarian cases. Rahma Worldwide trains and prepares its teams to handle these situations and pressures to ensure peak performance when it comes to implementing our projects. The Self-Care course is one of those practices…

Water Assistance in Taiz

We take the running water in our homes for granted. We are accustomed to it. And our duty is that we do not forget our brothers and sisters that struggle every day to get #water. Due to wars and lack of proper infrastructure, the people of Taiz Yemen get their…

Medical Assistance and Equipment in Syria

Kidney patients suffer from tiring symptoms such as heart complications, joint pain and osteoporosis, requiring them to do dialysis on a regular basis Rahma Worldwide has secured these devices with other equipment for the Darkush Hospital in Northern Syria

Walking Assistance in Lebanon

Walking assistance is one of the basic equipment during the road to recovery for those injured, and helping the elderly meet their basic needs on their own, improving their state of mind. Rahma Worldwide delivered Walkers and other equipment to the Al-Bashaer Medical Center in northern Lebanon

Food Distribution in Gaza

After the recent war on Gaza the number of families that lost their income source.  Which made our Food Baskets distribution project our number one priority in the area.

Food Baskets and Meals to Gaza

The recent bombing on Gaza had major impacts on the current economic situation. Rahma Worldwide had just launched a relief campaign to distribute food baskets and meals to the affected families as well as the working medical personnel.

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