Meet Jennah

“Jennah met me last Friday after Jumaah prayer at MCM where I gave Khutbah. Jennah approached me and told me she had sold all her toys and collected $418. She was very excited to tell me she wanted this money to go to children in need in Gaza. Jennah, surprised me a child who sold everything they’ve loved for a long time to only give back to those she doesn’t know. This is exactly what our beloved Prophet Mohammad has taught us about charity. To give under your free will is among the acts of charity, and the reward will be granted. When children learn the essentials of Charity, they surprise us at times with very unique ways of giving. May God grant our children love of giving and grant them among the righteous.

“Parents please don’t underestimate your children’s ability to understand any lesson. Teach them while their young and they will surprise you. Thank you, Jennah for this wonderful reminder for all of us. Your donation will be handled with care to those in Gaza”

Dr. Shadi Zaza, Rahma Worldwide’s CEO

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