We implements agricultural projects in Syria and Jordan to empower displaced individuals. These initiatives create employment opportunities, support families, and establish stable food sources through vegetable production. Our strategic locations provide safe environments for beneficiaries to work and thrive. As part of our commitment to innovation, we have partnered with True Garden, a leading vertical aeroponic food farm, to establish a solar-powered farming facility near our Michigan headquarters. This cutting-edge facility will revolutionize conventional agriculture methods, improving the quality and consistency of aid we provide worldwide.

Rahma Syria Farm


We successfully completed reconstruction of school project our dedicated team worked tirelessly to rebuild a school facility. This school comprises 33 classrooms catering to students of different age groups, as well as serving as a venue for events, sports, and other activities. We fixed and painted doors, renovated the entire school and classrooms with fresh coats of paint, and replaced broken boards with new ones. Additionally, we thoroughly cleaned the entire school, ensuring it is ready for the upcoming school year.

This project marks the beginning of our broader campaign to support education, and we are excited about the upcoming projects targeting additional schools. Stay tuned for more updates on our impactful activities.

English Conversation Courses at Rahma Training and Rehabilitation Center

Enhance your English communication skills through our English conversation courses. Our experienced trainers follow the Interchange for Beginners guide, teaching Level 1 English conversation along with basic grammar and writing skills. Join us at Rahma Worldwide Training and Rehabilitation Center and take a step towards improving your English fluency.

Our Turkish conversation courses are designed to teach Level 1 Turkish conversation, as well as basic grammar and writing skills. Led by skilled trainers who follow the Istanbul for Beginners guide, these courses are perfect for individuals in Idleb city and its surrounding areas. Enroll at Rahma Worldwide Training and Rehabilitation Center and expand your language proficiency.

Specialized Courses at Rahma Worldwide Training and Rehabilitation Center

We offered specialized courses tailored to different groups. Our English Medical Vocabularies course is ideal for female medicine students, covering essential medical terms, writing and reading medical reports, and oral and written communication. For activists, university students, and other individuals, our Fundamentals of Journalism course focuses on journalistic principles, report preparation, and camera usage. Additionally, we provide a Recycling and Handcrafts course specifically designed for orphan females, teaching the basics of recycling and handcrafting. Each course is supervised by expert trainers and funded by Rahma Worldwide. Upon successful completion, students receive a Certificate of Completion as recognition of their achievements.