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Qurbani (also known as Udhiya) is the important Islamic practice of sacrificing a livestock animal during the festival of Eid ul-Adha. This festival takes place between the 10th and the 12th of the month of Dhul Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic calendar.

Eid ul-Adha is a celebration of the resolute and unflinching will of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS), who was commanded by Allah (SWT) to sacrifice his only son. Yet, at the final moment, a miracle happened, and his beloved son was saved.

The Qurbani sacrifice is where Muslims remember this humble act of complete and utter devotion. Every year, hundreds of millions of Muslims perform Qurbani in accordance with the Sunnah of Ibrahim (AS).

After the livestock animal has been sacrificed, its meat is divided into three equal portions – one for the individual performing Qurbani, one for the family of the Muslim who provided the animal, and one for the poor and needy.

The purchasing or provision of a Qurbani animal, otherwise known as paying the Qurbani price, is obligatory for every Muslim who is financially able to do so. There are strict Qurbani rules surrounding which animals can be sacrificed, including the species of the animal, the quality of life it has led, its health status, and additional guidelines on how it must be sacrificed.


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